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State your intentions

I recently came across Martin Fowler‘s post about FunctionLength. In that post he stated something about intention versus implementation. Although it might seem a very trivial thing, the impact on code readability is huge! For example, if I want to … Continue reading

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Test behaviour, not your implementation

Quite often I see unit tests that seem very interested in a class’s inner workings. This not only misses the point of a unit test, but makes the class harder to refactor, since the corresponding unit test will have to … Continue reading

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Beware of multiple Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurers and default values

I’ve seen quite a lot of Spring projects over the years that use multiple PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer instances in the same bean factory. Consider a project where maven module A depends on maven module B in the same maven project. The idea … Continue reading

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Telfort glasvezel Internet & IPTV over 1 ethernet kabel

De situatie Mijn Telfort abonnement heeft Internet en IPTV. Deze komen beide binnen op een Genexis glasvezel modem, zoals hieronder. Internet komt binnen over poort 1 (E1), en IPTV over poort 2 (E2). Het probleem Ik heb in de woonkamer … Continue reading

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Application configuration in JEE

Over the past years, the Spring Framework has given us many tools to simplify ease of application development. One of the nicer features is Spring’s PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, a BeanPostProcessor implementation that allows you to inject values from property files into your … Continue reading

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